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De-Stress For Life


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I believe stress can be a killer and to de-stress for life can be stressful thing. Stress can be a good thing on a low level to help us get things done, however, when left to grow in areas of your life, stress can cause all kinds of problems. Your heart begins to deteriorate either in a non obvious way like losing yourself or in an obvious way like heart, weight and anxiety issues.

I was one who in my younger years I could handle stress very well I thought. I managed my stress then by having my kids, myself, my husband, and even my dog on a schedule. At the end of the day I would pop on some music, put on my headphones and clear my head. That worked for me. Then in 2014, I divorced and my de-stressing methods stopped working because I didn’t care. I became more stressed and I had to learn how to be me again a different way.

I spent several months trying to figure out how to be me again. I didn’t like it, but overall it has been a good process.

I want to give you tips, tools, ideas and helps to de-stress at home and work. I want you to Be You For Life,’cause only you can do you less stressed!





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