Be You For Life

cause only you can do you!

Be You For Life started when I decided I was tired of working for someone else. I am a mom of 2, wife, pet owner and I want to live for my family. Not to work. I have a stressful day job so I also manage my own stress, in sometimes plain but simple ways. My dream is to be in a place I can retire and do what I enjoy with my family. 

We see those people sitting on the beach or in a quiet backyard, working from a laptop. How great would that be? For a couple years I’d had this idea to take my ideas forward and help others while still living for me. 

Be You For Life is all about living your life to your standards and no one else’s. If you’re living to de-stress for your health; be healthier through meditation, food, exercise, or crafts; or just living the way you feel is best for you; Be You For Life is a blog about helping you be the best you possible. 

There is no time better than now to give it a try. Check out my first blog post “Trees Can Help With Our Stress“, which explains my logo.


Be you for life because only you can do you! Send us your comments below. We look forward to hearing from you.



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