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Dishware vs Papergoods

With so many people trying to find time for more family time as opposed to work, errands, and school activities, there comes a time you have to tell yourself it’s okay to make shortcuts where you can. Dishes is one of those areas I don’t have trouble doing shortcuts.

Back when I grew up, which was late 1960’s- early 1980’s, I remember coming to the dinner table to eat and it was set fully including food. Everyone had a designated seat and unless someone was gone, we all ate at once. Dishes were glass plates, three piece silverware, glasses. The food was in bowls, biscuits or rolls were on a plate and we came to the table when we were called. 

Flash forward to the year 2010 or later…

Having dinner on the stove in one pot, a vegetable in a side pot or pulled as a steamed veggie from the microwave and set on stove, and the rolls pulled from oven and set on stove. People are called to eat buffet style and then they go to a table, bar top or couch in front of the TV. Whats the one thing I haven’t mentioned that is missing? Dishware. Choice at my house? Paper plates and plastic cups. 

Now you may say what happened to the family values. Well, Im not saying I did anything different based on who was there and how we interact. I just choose to pick what I want to spend my time on. Sure, I could set table and put food on it. I would be in the kitchen longer with more dishes and less time for me or my family.

The table talk for today is buy the paper and plastic dishware. Get out of the kitchen quicker. Life is too short to spend it at the sink!


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