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Quick Tip For A Potluck

What happens when you want to go to an upcoming family reunion, but work 40 hours+ a week, have needy children, needy pets, needy husband, and have a million other responsibilities?

I consider options that don’t require me to be in my kitchen at 6am on a Saturday. There are so many options these days. Fast food restaurants make it easy to bring a giant pizza or a bucket of chicken. Some Mexican restaurants will even sell you a whole 9×13 pan of rice or refried beans.

And, well, why not? You want to spend time with your family! Not resent them for making you spend $80 and six hours over a hot stove. And those people who do, who go above and beyond… well, guess what? the picky eaters won’t try it, the nay sayers will still say nay, and the people you’re trying to impress? Yeah, you see them once a year. You can’t catch up with them if you’re bragging about your fancy French dish.

This is my favorite though: one fun option if you get signed up for a dessert! McDonald’s Apple Pies. They are 2/$1.00, they are warm and yummy, and they are individually wrapped. The kids and adults both love them. They are convenient and inexpensive. I bought 20 for $10, and it took ten minutes in a drive through.

What are your favorite quick tips for reunions and pot lucks?



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Quick Tip For More Than A TP Holder

The toilet paper holder has been used for all kinds of crafts over the years in preschools every where.

The family members that live in my house like to make stacking games out of them on the bathroom sink, eventhough the garbage is right next to the counter.

Here’s a use the ladies in your home may like. When you finish with your disposable razors and don’t have the plastic cover it came with, take one of those paper tubes, flatten one end and slide your used razor into it. Then put it in the trash so no one gets injured when taking out the trash. ūüôā

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Quick Tip For A Time Out

Need a five minute time out?

Stressful jobs require additional rest time. There are businesses now that are putting in these nap pods for an employee to take a nap to be more productive.  So what do I do when I need a time out and no pod in sight? I go to my car, lay the seat back and stretch out for five minutes.

If I have a particularly rough, mentally exhausting day, I may get off my exit, ¬†go through a drive-thru for a diet coke and just take five in the parking lot listening to music. Why? Because it makes me a nicer person when I walk in the door at home.¬† Do what you can to rejuvenate yourself!¬†‚ėļ

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Click N Pull-Save Time!

Anyone who has ever had to go the grocery, after work on a Monday at 5:30, in the rain, maybe even with a child knows the frustration of just hating it. Why? We are tired! These superstores have made it impossible to get a quick gallon of milk as their marketing team says in the back corner is good placement since the customer will pick something else up on the way to the milk. And guess what? Those marketing teams are right.

Now I’m going to preface this by saying¬†I am not affiliated with, paid by, or even know anyone at Kroger Corporate, but online shopping for groceries has become my new favorite thing. I don’t even care that it costs me $4.95 an order. I probably saved that much doing it. My Kroger marketplace is fantastic as it has Click N Pull. You order online and pick it up in 24 hours. I always set my time for 5:30 pm and go right there from work. Better still, I don’t have to get out of the car at all. I pay at my window and the employee loads.

My store now has that¬†if you place an order¬†early enough in the day, you can pick it up the same day! What!?! ¬†I KNOW RIGHT!?!¬† I don’t even mind if they are a little backed up. I have a mentally stressful job and I enjoy just sitting in my car, giving them the time they need to make it to my turn. Best $4.95 I spend in a week. It is a YUGE ūüėČ time savor for people wanting to get on to more important things.

If you haven’t tried it, give it a one time try. I believe Kroger gives you first couple for no fee. I may be wrong about that, but it’s definitely worth it.


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